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  Some of the features of Al Safwah Hotel

 Hotel Lobby:

The Hotel Lobby was designed with grace and elegance, with a combination of Arabic and oriental decoration, forming a splendid artistic painting offering the guests a relaxing and comfortable enviroment.

The Lobby of the hotel is characterized by its spacious splendid area, several lounge suits with different styles and size, which mingle together to give the Lobby of the hotel a luxurious and grandiose ambiance.


Al Safwah Café:

The Hotel Lobby includes also Al Safwah café with its unique view of the Holy Haram, offering a friendly and lovely ambiance to be enjoyed with family and friends.


Moroccan Corner

Here you can enjoy the traditional Moroccan tea in the Hotel Lobby in a typical luxurios and cozy Moroccan ambiance.


 Prayer Hall:

Because all of Makkah is a Holy Shrine, so for the comfort of our guests we prepared a prayer hall for them inside the hotel directly overlooking the Holy Haram, designed in such a manner that you look directly at the Holy Haram during the prayers.

We have also equipped this prayer hall with a library that contains Islamic heritage books in several languages available to all.

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